Monday, January 17, 2011

22 years of my life I never lifted

I saw a few friends from high school at the gym today, talked to them for a few minutes. They obviously said I looked good compared to back then. So then I thought about it, I went 22 freaking years without dedicating myself to fitness. Yeah within the last 2-3 years Ive have memberships to Planet and LA Fitness, but I had no motivation or dedication, so it didnt last very long. Motivation comes from the strangest places, in the beginning of the summer I realized I was the only one of my friends who was out of shape. That had to change, I didnt want to be seen shirtless around them. So there was my weight loss motivation. At the end of the summer I had abs, I was ecstatic. I took two months off from serious training to focus on school. Then when I found it took my motivation to a whole new level. I frequented Misc and saw the infatuation with Zyzz, so naturally I wanted to find out who this was.

There seemed to be a lot of people who loved him, but at the same time a lot of people who hate him for various reason. At first I was like damn, thats a sick body no homo. Followed a link to youtube and watched all of his videos, hes a funny bastard. Im 'mirin. Whether he juiced or not has nothing to do with the dedication it took from where he started to wheres hes at right now and I admire that. Thats where my motivation came from, Zyzz. Im not a nut-hugger by any means, but hes my primary source no homo.


  1. Nice perspective on it - I went 20 years without lifting, seems crazy from the perspective of how I live my life now. Following.
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  2. Zyzz, for all his phaggtory, does prove to be an inspirational for many people. Can't hate on that.

  3. Well, Zyzz does have a really good body, but IMO Josef Rachik > Zyzz's physique, but Zyzz brings lulz


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  4. Zyzz looks good nohomo, good luck in your lifting goals in 2011! Thanks for the follow, and I'm in for updates as they come.

  5. Yeah man I went through the same thing, looks like you've made some good progress too.

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  6. Good shit man. Following.

  7. even if you motivation comes from a homo, and you do well for yourself, gj (no homo)
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