Sunday, January 16, 2011

Follow Me on My Quest for Aesthetics

A little background on me, played sports throughout high school. Went to college, did not do a thing, gained bad weight. Checked in at 174 lbs at the beginning of Summer 2010. I was skinny fat and did not like it. I dedicated my Summer to weight loss and light lifting. In three months I lost 16 lbs and went into my last semester at college at 158 lbs. I stopped going to the gym to focus on my last semester and my internship, though I kept eating healthy and only managed to gain 4 lbs back (162). Once November hit and I knew I was going to pass all of my classes, I found motivation when I found and all of its members and progress pics. I hit the gym hard from there on out trying to put on some muscle. Up until January, I was not using any supplements, not even a multi. You could imagine how disappointed I was with not making much progress. For Christmas I asked my parents for a multi, protein, powder, and creatine. I got the multi and creatine, but the protein is something I still havent been using.

Everyone has their own thoughts about creatine and how it is only water weight blah blah blah. They can think what ever, I could care less, worry about yourself and not about me. u mad?

It has definitely helped alot to say the least. I can finally see gains where before I felt like I was getting stronger, but was not visually seeing it. The multi helped too haha.

The pictures I will be uploading will be from Summer 2010, September 2010, and January 2010. Some people say I should have made more progress, but I feel that I have only been lifting heavy with the goal of getting big since November, so its really only been two months.

Summer 2010 (starting point 174 lbs)

September 2010 (158 lbs)

January 2011 (166 lbs)

I wish I could have taken the pictures in the same place with the same lighting. But the first picture was in my old room, second picture was in a bathroom that in under construction at the moment. So of course the third picture is in the other bathroom.

I will be posting updates whenever I see fit. Thanks for following me on my quest for aesthetics.


  1. Damn cuzz you look leaner, yet heavier. GJDM.

  2. Thanks, ive been doing without the proteinz, but Im on it now so more shakes and calories, should def start seeing more progress.